New things


There is a new pin and new catologue. Here is the pictures.pic.PNG


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New Upgrades!!


Lately i have been adding new things but now i have figured some thing new out. Before i was used to copy and paste pictures but now i can make my own pictures and put them up on the website. These are going to be all the new upgrades coming soon:

*I will have a place where it will show every area in club penguin with pictures.

*I will get a picture of myself in the about section in case you see me.

*new pictures which i have taken.

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Cheat Penguin Version5


This is Cheat Penguin Version5. This website was made a while ago. My name is PuffleNaper2. You may know me from my other websites like and but this is the website that i will normally use. I made this website to help people who play club penguin. If you have never heard of club penguin then go to and you can start playing. Club penguin is a game when you choose a penguin and you walk around and make new friends.  If you swear you will get banned for a period of time and you will not be able to go on your account. You can dress up your penguin and you can party. You will get free items but if you are not a member then you cannot get the member clothes. You will only be able to get the free items. You can go on different servers and you can become a secret agent and things like that. I have been playing club penguin for about 300 days and some people have been playing for even longer and some people for a shorter period of time but i have to admit that club penguin is a very good game. I hope you will all start playing club penguin.

Waddle on,


(owner of the cpn)

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